Mexican export firms and their suppliers, and foreign currency generating firms that contribute to job enhancement.

In Bancomext, every time a Mexican firm shares its talent abroad, it is promoting the country’s development

Who do we finance?

  • Direct exporters: Individuals engaged in business activities or firms established in Mexico that produce goods and services, and export them directly abroad.
  • Indirect exporters: Firms that supply inputs, parts or components to export firms. May be individuals engaged in business activities or firms established in Mexico.
  • Foreign currency generating firms: Individuals engaged in business activities or firms established in Mexico that, by offering their services, generate foreign currency.
  • Foreign firms buying Mexican goods and services: Individuals engaged in business activities or entities established outside Mexico that are buying capital goods and services from Mexican companies. This support is granted through commercial banks in countries eligible to Bancomext


Increase the value of export firms through complementary financing.

Products and Services

Financing above 3 million US Dollars Financing below 3 million US Dollars

Financing of foreign trade inventory

PyMEx Credit (export and import SMEs)
International Export Factoring

Letters of Credit

Sector-based Programs

Bancomext addresses the financing needs of firms associated with strategic sectors through specialized programs. Learn more about financing for strategic sectors here.

Get ready to export!

If your firm exports or supplies an export firm, come see us at Bancomext and get ready to export!


If your firm is a direct or indirect exporter with financing needs above 3 million US Dollars, call 01 800 EXPORTA (397 6782) or come to our Regional Office closest to your location.

                                                                                   Bancomext finances Mexico’s export firms!