Electric – Electronic

Financing program aimed at supporting the growth and competitiveness of firms involved in the electric-electronic sector through manufacturing and maquila processes and services, and part of the export chain.

Designed for

  • Direct and indirect exporters of goods and services.
  • Firms that supply goods, parts, components and services, and that are part of the supply chain for firms in the electric-electronic sector.
  • Import-substitution firms.
  • Firms supplying CFE and Pemex.

Financing amount

3 million US Dollars and above. For financing below this amount, visit PyMEx Credit.


Comprehensive assistance through:

  • Direct Loans for working capital, sales, fixed assets and investment projects.
  • Import and Export Letters of Credit.
  • International Factoring.


  • Legally incorporated firms not in a state of insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings, subject to a strike, or suspension of payments.
  • Favorable financial structure and credit bureau record.
  • Viability of project.
  • Guarantees in accordance with the operation’s structuring.


Department of Electric-Electronic Sector Financing