Financing to firms and groups developing hotels, marinas, golf courses and timeshares, and tourist service providers, for the construction, installation, expansion, remodeling, working capital and sale of tourism projects conducted in Mexico.

Designed for

Firms and/or groups developing hotels, marinas, golf courses and timeshares, and firms providing tourist services.

Qualifying projects

Projects identified as recreational tourism (beaches and colonial cities), business tourism, health tourism and retirement communities.

Financing amount

3 million US Dollars and above. For financing below this amount, visit PyMEx Credit.


  • Access to long-term financing in US dollars or Mexican pesos, with grace periods.
  • Competitive costs.
  • Timely response.
  • Terms: granted in accordance with type of loan, whether short, medium or long-term, with grace periods when justified.
  • Interest rates and commissions: Market conditions (case-by-case basis). Appraisals and guarantees required in accordance with type of loan.


  • Legally incorporated firm.
  • Favorable credit record.
  • Investment projects or projects underway that demonstrate operational, financial, technical and market viability.
  • No prevention codes in credit bureau report.
  • Two years of operations and/or experience in the sector.
  • Not in technical state of dissolution.
  • Not a travel agency.

Required Documents

  • General client information.
  • Financial information.
  • Market information.
  • Technical information.
  • Legal information.

Loan contract process

Financing will be formalized through loan contracts in accordance with Bancomext’s regulations.

Bancomext also participates in syndicated operations with commercial banks, for capital-intensive projects. In these cases, the loan contract process will be carried out in line with indications from the agent bank.


Department of Tourism Sector Financing