Maquila companies and Industrial facilities

Financing in accordance with the needs of maquila companies, maquila suppliers, and developers of industrial infrastructure, in construction or for lease, to facilitate the development of added value, growth in job creation and foreign-currency generation in the maquila export sector, in a competitive, efficient manner.

Designed for

  • Direct exporters (maquila companies)
  • Developers of industrial facilities
  • Suppliers of the industry’s products and services.

Financing amount

3 million US Dollars and above. For financing below this amount, visit PyMEx Credit.


For maquila companies:

  • Working capital.
  • Investment projects.

For industrial facilities:

  • Development of industrial infrastructure.


Financing through direct loans to firms in the maquila sector and their supply chains, including industrial infrastructure developers.


  • Firm legally incorporated in Mexico.
  • Not in state of insolvency, in bankruptcy proceedings or suspension of payments.
  • Viability of projects.
  • Applicant and project promoter with favorable credit record.
  • Minimum of five years of experience on the part of the applicant and/or partners and/or directors.


Department of Maquila Industry Financing