-Financing of Foreign Trade Inventories

Repurchase agreement operation through which Bancomext will purchase, for an established price, certificates of deposit issued by Bonded Warehouses, which provide backing for foreign trade inputs or products, with the commitment to return the certificates to the original holder, in exchange for payment of the same price, plus a premium previously agreed upon.

Designed for

  • Entities and individuals engaged in business activities with strategic inventories of eligible products.

Eligible goods   

  • Flat steel products (steel sheets; hot or cold rolled steel sheets; galvanized, painted or electro-zinc coated steel sheets).
  • Long steel products (corrugated steel rods, wire, wire rod, steel beams, steel canals and other structural steel products, etc.).
  • Stainless steel sheets (standard and OCTG).
  • Steel pipes (OCTG and standard in commercial lengths).


Apply for Financing for Foreign Trade Inventories at: financ_inventarios@bancomext.gob.mx.


-Credit Insurance     

Export credit insurance policies are offered through CESCEMEX, a firm in which Bancomext is a shareholder. More regarding CESCEMEX.


-Venture Capital Investment Funds  

Venture Capital is the temporary contribution of resources from third parties to a firm’s assets, for the purpose of optimizing its business opportunities and increasing its value, thus providing solutions for business projects, and spreading out the risks and returns. Investors providing venture capital seek a close, medium-term association with the original shareholders.

Bancomext is interested in promoting and supporting the creation of Venture Capital Investment Funds in line with the Institution’s mission to foster direct investment and promote the country’s economic development. Bancomext thus participates as a shareholder in the Fund of Funds of Corporación Mexicana de Inversiones de Capital, which is designed to serve as a specialized economic policy instrument in the venture capital market. This instrument’s mission is to promote the integral development of this industry in Mexico, under the principle of profitability and as a vehicle for the development of small and medium firms. The services offered by Corporación Mexicana de Inversiones de Capital are independent from the products and/or services of its shareholders.

Visit this webpage: www.fondodefondos.com.mx