Mining – Metallurgy

Financial scheme for supporting the long-term sustainable development of the mining sector’s export chain, by granting short, medium and long-term loans and guarantees to meet the needs of this industry.

Designed for

  • Direct exporters in the Mining/Metallurgy sector.
  • Indirect exporters: firms supplying goods and services to this sector.
  • Direct and indirect exporters of goods and services.

Financing amount

3 million US Dollars and above. For financing below this amount, visit PyMEx Credit.

Characteristics / Modalities

Comprehensive assistance at all stages, through:

  • Direct Loans for working capital, sales, fixed assets, expansions and investment projects.
  • Import and Export Letters of Credit.
  • Credit and Securities Guarantees.
  • Structured loans for investment projects.


  • Direct short, medium and long-term loans.
  • Amounts and terms in accordance with the needs and characteristics of firms and their projects.
  • Flexible financing customized to the specific needs of the sector’s firms.
  • Loans in US dollars or Mexican pesos.
  • Competitive financing provided through preferential funding sources (ECAs, Eximbanks, etc.).


  • Firm legally incorporated in Mexico.
  • Viability of firm and its project.
  • Favorable financial structure and credit bureau record.
  • Guarantees corresponding to the operation’s structuring.
  • Not in state of insolvency, bankruptcy proceedings, suspension of payments, or subject to a strike.

Required Documents

  • Loan Application.
  • General information regarding applicant and the market, and technical, legal and financial information.
  • Viability study, in the case of investment projects.

Loan Contract Process

Financing will be formalized through loan contracts and in accordance with Bancomext’s regulations.


Department of Mining-Metallurgy Sector Financing