Fiduciary Services

Due to the close relationship developed from the beginning between clients and Bancomext, as a fiduciary institution, and given that fiduciary services are contracts typically used for carrying out medium and long-term projects, there is usually direct, ongoing contact between the parties and this facilitates achieving the proposed objectives and thus fulfilling goals.

The operations and functioning of the fiduciary services offered by Bancomext adhere to the applicable legal framework, and to sound banking practices and customs. This guarantees proper, clear and reliable investment and administration of our clients’ assets, with transparent management that assures our clients that the intention established in each contract will be fulfilled, in strict adherence to its terms and conditions, based essentially on the concepts of responsible guardianship and fiduciary secrecy.

Designed for

  • Private firms or individuals directly or indirectly associated with foreign trade, export or import substitution activities, or foreign currency generating sectors, including the tourism, transportation and logistics, automotive and maquiladora sectors.
  • Federal government.
  • Semi-official entities in federal public administration.
  • State and municipal governments.
  • Firms that establish businesses that support institutional programs.

Trusts. Contracts through which an individual or entity transmits the ownership of certain goods and rights to a fiduciary institution, expressly authorized to serve as such. Trusts make use of the goods and rights in question with the exclusive aim of fulfilling the purposes indicated in the contracts and to the benefit of the individuals who transmitted the goods or previously designated third parties. Read more.

Mandates. Contracts through which Bancomext is obliged to execute, on behalf of an individual, the legal acts requested. The purpose of a mandate may be any lawful act for which the law does not require the direct intervention by the interested party. Read more. 

Deposits. Service provided by Bancomext through which an individual or entity delivers to the fiduciary institution a certain amount of liquid resources (money) through the signing of a contract referred to as a conditional deposit, the primary purpose of which is to lend formality, seriousness and backing to the fulfillment of another major operation or contract to be agreed upon with a third party. Read more.

Commissions. Contracts through which an individual or entity grants Bancomext the legal powers to conduct certain acts of commerce on its behalf. Read more.