Financial backing for promoting the growth of Mexico’s aerospace industry, through assistance to the sector’s firms. Bancomext assists a range of clients, from service providers to firms that manufacture parts and components, identified as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Designed for

  • Firms participating in aerospace industry chain.
  • Supplier firms for the aerospace industry.

Qualifying projects

Assistance will be channeled to the sector’s firms in accordance with Bancomext’s regulatory structure, and based on the applicant’s credit quality and the project’s viability.

Financing amount

3 million US Dollars and above. For financing below this amount, visit PyMEx Credit.


  • Purchasing of national and imported inputs.
  • Payment of production processes.
  • Financing the terms of sale to buyers.


  • Firm legally incorporated in Mexico.
  • Not in bankruptcy or suspension of payments, not subject to a strike or pending strike.
  • Not in state of insolvency.
  • Favorable credit bureau record.
  • Guarantees in accordance with risks characterizing each operation.


Department of Aerospace Industry Financing