FCI Members

As Mexico´s Development Bank in charge of financing international trade, we are very interested in expanding our correspondent relationships, providing you with risk coverage for companies located in our country combined with an efficient collection procedure.

We want to share the following information which hopefully will facilitate the process of authorizing us as your Import Factor, as well as our contact data in case you need additional documents or for any specific request you may have.

We are looking forward to starting a long time relation with you.


Ms. Gabriela GUILLERMOPRIETO, Senior Vice-President of Export Financing
Tel: +52-55-5449 9237, gguillermop@bancomext.gob.mx
Mrs. Karla HERNÁNDEZ, Vice President of International Import Factoring
Tel: +52-55-5449 9137, khernanp@bancomext.gob.mx
Mr. Héctor GÓMEZ, Vice President of International Export Factoring
Tel: +52-55-5449 9266, hgomezf@bancomext.gob.mx



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