buyer’s guarantees  

Designed for

  • Mexican exporters that need to offer financing options for purchasing Mexican products and/or services to their foreign clients.



  • Receives cash payment for its sales.
  • Avoids credit risks of buyers.
  • Excludes country risks of buyers.
  • Is able to diversify its client portfolio.
  • Is able to offer better prices or obtain a better profit margin.


  • Receives financing for its purchases of Mexican products at improved terms.
  • Obtains credit from a bank in its own country in improved financial conditions.
  • Is able to obtain better prices from exporters by making prompt payments.

Requirements and necessary documents for buyers of Mexican products and/or services

  • Evidence of commercial relation.
  • Statement from buyer that exporter is not an associated firm.
  • Document to verify Mexican exportation.
  • Credit authorization from foreign bank.
  • Statement from Foreign Financial Intermediary in which it is indicated that a credit investigation was conducted with favorable results and the buyer is current on loan payments with Foreign Financial Intermediary.
  • For operations above 250,000 US Dollars, a signed credit study, signed financial information and annexes to be used in making decision, from no more than six months ago.


  • Automatic Guarantee (up to 250,000 US Dollars).
  • Optional Guarantee (between 250,000 and 3 million US Dollars).

Products and terms 

Financing terms guaranteed by Bancomext are closely associated with the type of goods and/or services exported:

  • Consumer goods: up to 360 days.
  • Intermediate goods, machinery components and auto-parts: up to two years.
  • Transportation equipment: up to five years.
  • Capital goods and investment projects: up to ten years.

In the case of services, terms will be determined on the basis of the operation amount and characteristics of the service contract.

Process for obtaining service

The buyer of Mexican goods and/or services seeks a financial institution accredited by Bancomext in its country and requests financing. The financial institution analyzes the buyer, verifies its compliance with Bancomext’s requirements for the Buyer’s Guarantee program, and grants accreditation.


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